Comments about my LFC writing. I thought it was correct and proper to create a page of one-sided, self-serving, entirely indulgent propaganda!

 Kevin Sampson – Author of The Killing Pool, Awaydays, Stars are Stars and  Powder

Neil Poole is one of the finest LFC writers. Always worth a read.

Karen Elizabeth Gill – Author of The Real Bill Shankly, patron of the Spirit of Shankly and Afc Liverpool, Honourary President of LFC Supporters’ Committee

Great Work. Nice blend of humour and analysis.

 Trevor Downey – Writer for LFC Offside and The Anfield Wrap

 One of the most original and compelling voices writing on Liverpool Football Club, you should make Neil Poole a must-read.

Chris Pajak – RedMen TV presenter

 Good read. Good points raised. Fancy reading about LFC but not the normal biff, then check out Neil Poole.

Dave E Usher – Author of The King’s Last Stand and Like I Say, Founder of The Liverpool Way Fanzine and website, LFC columnist for ESPN

 Neil Poole is an excellent writer.

 Marco Lopes – Writer for This is Anfield

Tremendous. Neil Poole has a knack for nailing the emotive aspects of following LFC.

 Matthew Draper – Writer for The Travelling Kop

Brilliant articles. Excellent mix of wit and knowledge.

 Roy Henderson – Writer for The Anfield Wrap

Enjoyed it. A pleasure. Look forward to reading more.

 The Travelling Kop – LFC Fansite

 Neil Poole is a superb LFC writer

My Dad

What? You don’t get paid for this!

Football hating John Lewis from work

 Neil Poole.  An unusually talented young writer.  A writer possessed of a fierce intellect and a rapier wit.  He has crafted a unique style of commentary which combines his own unique brand of irreverent observation with a nonchalant mastery of the written language.  His work is enriched by his use of colourful cultural references from across the spectrum, from classical to contemporary, without lessening his broad appeal.  A wordsmith of our time.  An everyman.  …What a travesty, then, that he chooses to apply his skills to such a banal subject matter as to result in his entire body of work taking the form of a body of pure drivel.  Inconsequntial drivel.  Tiresome, inconsequential drivel.  Endless, tiresome, inconsequential drivel.  Is there no end to this tiresome. inconsequential, micro-nationalist, jingoistic pure drivel that I’m being subjected to?!


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