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I sincerely doubt there is another football club that has as many talented fans who are able to articulate their thoughts about LFC and the game in general so well. Fansites, blogs, podcasts, TV channels – it’s all out there. Here are some more LFC bloggers who all bring their own unique input to the LFC party.

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MARCO LOPEZ: http://footballdeep.blogspot.co.uk/

‘Football. Little else.   These blogs are predominantly about the two clubs closest to my heart – o Glorioso SL Benfica, and the heartbeat of Merseyside, Liverpool.  Feedback and sharing very welcome. Enjoy!  Follow me on Twitter @Footy_MarcoL.’


KOP-ICE: http://kopice86.wordpress.com/

By a Liverpool la, for Liverpudlians.’

images[1]JAGDESH LFC : http://jagdeshlfc.blogspot.co.uk/

‘Incoherent Ramblings’

images[1]SCOTT TAYLOR – NEXT GEN KOPITES: http://thenextgenkopites.wordpress.com/

‘Hello and Welcome to my blog, all about the Next Generation footballers of Liverpool Football Club. For Example, content you expect to see is Match Reports from the U21s, U18s and the NextGen Series and various news and rumours regarding Liverpool. On this blog, you will expect a weekly read called ‘Academy Weekly Round Up’ where I round up all the news from Kirkby in the past week. Also, I have a new weekly series on This Is Anfield called ‘Where Are They Now’, so check that out.

Hope you find my blog enjoyable to read, and feel free to share this blog with anyone via Facebook or Twitter. Keep Safe and any feedback is appreciated.’

images[1]THOMAS MCMAHON’S SPORT ARTICLES: http://tommcsports.wordpress.com/

‘An archive of all articles posted on fan-websites.

images[1]THE LIVER BIRD: http://www.the-liver-bird.co.uk/

The Liver Bird is a Liverpool FC blog written by me; Kirsty. I’ve been a fan from a very young age, after growing up with a brother who was mad on the Reds.

I started The Liver Bird in an attempt to interact with fellow Liverpool supporters, living in Wolverhampton I find there is a distinct lack of them.

 I update The Liver Bird to try to provide an easy bit of reading and opinion to Liverpool fans all over the web. I do attempt to add in some humour via banter or a lame pun but not always successfully!
I’m not a football expert and I’ve never claimed to be one, you certainly won’t find me spouting Opta style stats from memory, I’m just passionate about Liverpool FC. I’m not here to fill paragraphs with technical analysis just a nice little round up.
I don’t get to anywhere near as many matches as I’d like, partly due to a lack of cash but also due to fixture clashes with my part time job as a betting cashier. In time however, when I have a more settled income, it’s my target to change this!
Most people refer to themselves as a “football fan” but I am quite simply a “Liverpool fan”.
The Liver Bird won the award for “Best Female Football Blog” at the 2012 Football Blogging Awards.
Thanks for stopping by.
CONOR SLATER – THE FALSE WINGER7: http://www.vavel.com/en/TheFalseWinger7/
‘Freelance writer, looking to get to the top. Love to analyse tactics. Done some coaching badges. Football Lover.’
‘A former season ticket holder who enjoys Liverpool FC, stats and more interestingly boats, booze and friends!’
MIQDAD HAIDER – FOOTBALLMIQ: http://www.footballmiq.com/
‘This is FootballMiq. Started by Miqdad Haider, FootballMiq is a football-blog as the name suggests. All posts on here are written by Miqdad.Thank-You.’

images[1]JIM FISHLOCK: Find his work at: http://www.beyondthekop.com/


THE KOPITE VIEW: http://thekopiteview.com/

‘I am a passionate Liverpool supporter and I write about my feelings of what is going on at the greatest football club in the world. I also write match reports in my own words and I appreciate fellow Liverpool supporters stopping by to comment on my writing.’



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