Writing about Liverpool FC. So how did that happen then?

For the Liverpool FC bit: Born into a family of Reds. Have married into a family of Reds. Have spawned more Reds.

For the writing bit:

June 6th 2013 – taken aback by the kick-offs regarding the new away kit, I have a vague idea about how the two new kits (Home and Away) are a bit like Liverpool in general (see article). With 20 minutes to spare during my dinner at work I write a couple of over-complicated, difficult to read paragraphs tenuously hung on a metaphor. Loving a good metaphor I finish it off at home.

June 7th 2013 – With very little expectation, I send it to a few LFC websites to see if they want to use it. To my surprise ‘Empire of the Kop’ email me back within minutes telling me it’s been published.

That weekend write another article. Published by ‘The Bib Theorists’ website. Third article sent to ‘This is Anfield’ website. They like it and say I can do more stuff for them. I say yes. ‘The Liverpool Way’ fanzine see one of my articles and ask to use it in a Summer special. Also says I can write some stuff for the fanzine. I say yes.

And here we are. My LFC Blog: A lot of love for LFC, the bare minimum of football insight and knowledge required, and lots…and lots of linguistic padding.

The whole 37th Row side of things relates to my season ticket on the Kop.

Thanks for reading!!

Neil – One of Rafa’s flying monkeys (NB: Credit for this term goes elsewhere. Saw somebody else write it – can’t remember where – thanks and soz to that person)

First game

Saturday 12th September 1987

KO 3pm

Liverpool 2 – 0 Oxford United

Aldridge 13, Barnes 37


Favourite Player – John Barnes

John Barnes

First Proper (not blag) LFC memory…I think!

1986 FA Cup Final



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