Another Cottage High?

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Articles

TWENTY minutes of vigorous Arse-slapping at Anfield followed by 70 minutes of teasing left The Gunners red cheeked and Liverpool with a huge victory few had predicted. Now – all being well at 3pm today of course – Liverpool travel to Craven Cottage tomorrow hoping to keep things equally strange.

Fulham Football Club is a quirky but not unlikeable oddity in the English game. Founded in 1879, it’s simultaneously traditional while bucking the trend of the conservative norms of our Victorian game. For starters, Craven Cottage houses the only ‘neutral’ stand in the vitriolic tribal word of our beloved game.

Further, where the approach to most old stadia is via tightly-packed terraced streets and the lead up to the hastily erected new flat-pack ones is across an expanse of soulless concrete, the walk up  to the Cottage is uncharacteristically aesthetic; through a park on the banks of the River Thames.





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